Best friend, confidant, road dog, home girl…what ever you call her, you have to have at least one.  Ethiopian American girls need to have a core group of girlfriends. (obviously my opinion, but I think most people can understand why).

The core group does not have to big . just one is enough. We all need someone we can call on. Someone who has had similar experiences as we have had ourselves. That way we have someone to vent to about our dilemmas, someone to ask advice, someone who can see things from a different point of view yet still understand where you are coming from.
I think it is a huge advantage as an Ethiopian American Girl to have Ethiopian American girlfriends.  Why? Because as an Ethiopian American, at times my American friends don’t understand some of the cultural and social dilemmas I may have. Therefore having people that have been raised under similar circumstances to ourselves allows us to get perspective, good advice.

It is also advantageous because you won’t make the same mistake more than once, because your friends will call you out on it (if they are good friends).  Your friends have one responsibility: allow you to be who you are, yet keep you in check when you seem to go astray.  Yes hanging out with friends, having fun, laughing and joking is all good and well.  However, real friends will tell you the good with the bad, they will put things in perspective for you, and help you find your way when you seem to be lost.

Essentially, as young women we need to have atleast one other female friend who we can share our experiences, thoughts, concerns with.  We must all tap in to the perspective of one of our girlfriends to help keep us on a steady path.  Having guy friends is great, but honestly they don’t always share our experiences as women.  Their perspective is different, and sometimes the best advice comes from someone who has gone through exactly what you are going through.  The only people that know that is your girl friends.

I’m lucky to have a strong core of girlfriends, who are actually majority Ethiopian American like myself.  We share similar childhood experiences and similar outlooks on life.  We keep each other in check, we encourage one another, and guide each other back when one has gone astray.  We share our different dating experiences and learn from one another’s mistakes.  We support one another as we take on new career paths.  Its a wonderful thing.

Life is hard enough as it is , why go at it alone.

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