Sincerely, Ethiopia: A must see Documentary


Last week I had the opportunity to go see this documentary.  It is amazing because it brings about a new perspective to how people see Ethiopia.  Ethiopia has a rich culture.  It is full of people coming up with innovative ways to effectuate actual change throughout the country.  It fascinated me even more because the Director and film crew of the documentary all Ethiopian Americans like myself.  

I truly believe that Ethiopian Americans have a unique take on the social and political issues in Ethiopia.  I believe that we have not been tainted by the experience those that left Ethiopia many years ago have.  We look back at the home of our ancestors with love, and the urgency to help.  And if we can’t actually help we are constantly looking for ways to show pride in our cultural background.  

Let me digress=NOT All Ethiopian Americans take such pride and feel the deep need to rewrite the script of Ethiopia, however many of us do.  We proudly say I am Ethiopian, born in America.  We struggle with a dualism and are constantly trying to find our rightful place within our culture (both American and Ethiopian culture).  We take from both cultures and sometimes find our values in conflict. Watching this documentary I realized, its not just me.  We all face these issues, and what better way to figure everything out than to share it through different media forms.  

Check out the link to the trailor for “Sincerely, Ethiopia” and definitely check them out when they come to a city near you



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