Tribal wars? Is it really necessary?

I recently the BBC posted an article about students at Ambo University who were killed.  There are conflicting reports between the eye witnesses and the Ethiopian government regarding what the cause of the fighting was.  Eyewitnesses claim 47 were killed.  The Ethiopian Government claims the number is only about 4.

Al Jezeera posted this article:

It is saddening that peaceful protest is met with violence.  This is a common practice that governments around the world engage in.  It is nothing new in Ethiopia.  That is why I am instantly disturbed to hear such claims, whether true or untrue.  The reality is that people should not die for raising questions to the government.  Peaceful protest should not be met with violence.  Regardless of the issues, regardless of the location.

The main point I would like to make here is that , as an Ethiopian American I find it unbelievable that there is so much tribal divide within such a beautiful and rich country.  So if one claims his or her tribal sect, does that mean he or she cannot take pride or claim the accomplishments of other Ethiopians?   In my opinion an Ethiopian is an Ethiopian, regardless of which tribe he or she com400px-Provinces_of_Ethiopia,_before_1935.svges from.  The Ethiopian government should represent all Ethiopians equally.  I believe that there is great risk to the culture as a whole if we begin to really look at each tribe as an individual entity as opposed to a united country.  As the saying goes “United we stand and divided we fall”.  Therefore it is important that we stand together, stop oppression, and simply embrace our culture and the government embrace all people.

I know this is a simplistic way of looking at things, but sometimes the most complicated deeply rooted issues, are actually quite simple to unravel.

There are many political issues in Ethiopia.  The issue of the Nile, issues of human rights, issues of tribal loyalty.  Which do you think is the most detrimental to the country? What puts us at most risk? Share your thoughts here.

2 thoughts on “Tribal wars? Is it really necessary?

  1. All issue need to resolved at some point but I believe human right takes the highest priority. It is so hard to see and tolerate when a citizen is treated like an enemy in their own land. It’s so hard to imagine where to go if you don’t feel like you belong in you own country. I know, since past times African/Ethiopian government has been brutal to all citizens but I don’t think that will make that act appropriate. This actions has be causes for the past tribal wars but I don’t believe we need witness another in this age since there was no goodness out war. It hurts me to the core thinking about this situations.

    Regarding on going situation on Oromo students and people protesting about government new plan is very sad. The situation is escalating daily to more regions of Oromia and more people are being victims. I think these actions of government needs to condemned. As a democratic country, Ethiopia need listen to people’s voice and address issue accordingly. This is better said than done.

    Most of all, I’m very disappointed in diaspora community living in the United States. This is clearly human right issue more than tribal interest. None were willing to speak a word about this issue, leave alone organize a march to Ethiopian Embassy. I don’t believe any of past issues where more or less important but I think this as an important issue any other. Why isn’t anyone saying anything? This makes me believe unity is overstated in most cases when talking about Ethiopia. I just urge everyone see Oromo students and peoples lives and issues as important as any other.

    Our difference are our treasures but we still need to nurture our difference and work on similar goal. No ethnic group is inferior or superior to any other. We are the same color for God sake, how different are we? How grateful are we to be accepted and live as a citizen in America with full right? Does that teach us anything? I hope we learn from how others treat us and at least try to treat each other accordingly. As a religious country, we need to equate our religious beliefs to how we treat each other and reflect unity.

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