Elelelele (The sound of excitement and praise)!

Weddings, graduations, church services, celebrations of any type are often accompanied by this: “Eleleleleelel”.  The high pitch chant that we make in times of praise and excitement.

Not all of us can reach the highest pitch.  Often the elders and mothers within the Ethiopian Community have mastered the art of the perfect “elelelele”.  The rest of us try to make some sort of effort, and often our attempt results in a slower version of the chant.  E Le E Le E Le, we say in our attempt to share our joys and take part in our cultures heritage. 

ImageEthiopian people are joyous people.  Although the country has its share of issues, We are culturally rich.  We share this joy through song, dance, praise and “elelelele”‘.  We are expressive people and that expression often is delivered through the beautiful sound of joyous songs and chanting.  It gives us all great pride to hear that sound.  Whether it is at your graduation or your wedding and your family gathers around you and says “elelele” you will feel that joy, praise, and connection with your roots.

So spread the joy, spread the love and excitement.  Shout Elelelelelelelele for all to hear!

2 thoughts on “Elelelele (The sound of excitement and praise)!

  1. Ululation is a time-honoured tradition throughout Africa though I’d say the sound in each country is somewhat unique. It is why I was pleased to hear ululation in the Gaza Strip, Palestine at a celebration. I belted out my version learned from my childhood spent in Zambia much to their surprise and delight. We realised we share more than we think.

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