Happy New Year: 2018.

Happy New Year, or shall I say Melkam Addis Amet!

I started this blog about 5 1/2 years ago.  Back in 2012.  Since then a lot has changed!  Change is a good thing and this year EthiopianAmericanGirl.com will be revamping to get with the changing times.

This blog was started as a kind of commentary on the Ethiopian American experience from my own perspective.  It will continue to take on that tone, but this year we will focus on commentary that empowers, motivates, and lifts up Ethiopian American Girls.  There will be guest bloggers sharing their own Ethiopian American Girl experiences and we may even reach out to our Ethiopian American boys as well (substitute Women and Men for Girl or Boy).

I look forward to using this platform as a space for us to share our stories, up lift one another, and make commentary on the cultural dilemmas we often face as Ethiopian Americans growing up in the United States and taking on new challenges that our parents may not have faced.  I want to highlight how taking on risks and leaps and bounds that sometimes are frowned upon by our communities sometimes are necessary to reach our ultimate goals.

Topics will include: Dating, Career, Education, Family, Self Improvement and much more.

Look for a new post every month.  Sometimes twice a month!

Thanks for your continued support and for reading and commenting on this blog over the years!

Happy New Year!  And I look forward to saying it again this September.  (Yes, we get to do every Holiday Twice!) Its still 2010 in Ethiopia new year’s is in September.



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