I am an Ethiopian American. This blog is about my experiences as an Ethiopian American.  An experience I’m sure a majority of Ethiopian Americans, (and even if you were born in Ethiopia and migrated to the United States)have had.  The things I will talk about are obviously not just about being Ethiopian American.  They are about the experiences of a fairly average girl just trying to make it: the ups and downs of friendships, struggles with cultural and racial identity, the challenges of finding the right career path, and other random adventures of  an Ethiopian American girl.

I will write about different experiences I have had or have been told about.  I will share my perspective, and how it was shaped.  I will recall memories that I have grown from, and I believe embody what it truly means to be an Ethiopian American today.

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  1. So I just wanted to thank you for this blog. I’m 26 and was born in LA, but moved all over. Frequently ending up here in Northern Virginia for some reason(family haha). I stumbled upon your blog a year or maybe earlier. I’ve spent most of my life among white people other than family, and for some reason my run ins with other black males usually turned violent. So i’ve been through some stuff, and I went on an interesting path. Consisting of erratic and sometimes criminal behavior. However, I got curious about our culture. If we’re so old, what did we believe before Christianity? I tell you, i stayed up many many nights researching ancient ethiopia/eritrea. Which came down to reading about Axum and etc.

    Well, I was on drugs when I was researching, but still! I was filled with so much pride, that i fell in love with it all. Which made me think, if i come from something so beautiful…why am I being such an animal? So I became interested in 5 percenter hip hop and knowledge. From there I found my way back to old school habesha biblical christianity, I read the book of Enoch(Henok), so awesome!

    Sorry for all the info, but there’s a reason haha. Since i’ve cleaned up my act and followed a career(I have skills and education, i just used them to help the wrong people). My parents decided to introduce me to a habesha girl, since i’ve only dated white women until now. This is where your awesome blog comes in! At first all i saw was all the things that made her wonderful, and how I happy I was to be around her.

    However, I saw something else thanks to you. That our parents viewed this as a transaction. More so her mom. I could see how her mom tells her how much she likes me, but her mom doesn’t know me! Her mom also said she loved me. Which is nice but kinda strange. When we first met everyone just kinda stared at us, and my mom was like hey talk to her. Which is when I decided to remove us from our parents and go talk elsewhere. My mom also constantly tells me how awesome it would be if I married my current I guess girlfriend?(we’ve been dating awhile, but i respect that she doesn’t want to rush things, more so in this kind of situation). According to my mom the positive effects our marriage would have on our families is significant. I know where my mom is coming from, but you know that takes the romance out of things.

    Because I read your blog I was able to communicate that i’m here for her. I want to be in her corner and support her. Not just be part of the group of people standing around waiting for her to do what’s right. What’s right is that i’ve been seeing her for about 6 months, and I care more about her every day. And every day I see her open up a little more to me. That seems right to me.

    Thank you!

    1. This is awesome. Please let me know how I can contribute to the forum. I would love to post on Tadias magazine

  2. Hi,

    I read your blog with a lot of interest. I am doing a report on the Ethiopian Diaspora especially in the us and I would really like to get in touch with you.

    I want to know more about some specific experiences and learn about more American Ethiopians.

    I would really appreciate it if you contacted me at sacha@rebtel.com.

    Thank you.


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