Are we mentally conolized?

I recently engaged in a discussion about Ethiopians being mentally colonized.  Ethiopia has never been colonized by any European nation.  Ethiopia was occupied by the Italians, however Italy was never successful in colonizing Ethiopia.  Ethiopia is proud to be the only African nation to never be colonized.  But has Ethiopia been psychologically/ mentally colonized? Consider … More Are we mentally conolized?

Lebeshe endiy berdesh “wear something so you don’t get cold”

I have great memories of my grandmother.  I am blessed to have spent some quality time with her during her last few years of life.  She is an amazing person who fascinates me with her endless wit, funny stories and undying love of family.  She was always giving advice and using Ethiopian sayings to give life … More Lebeshe endiy berdesh “wear something so you don’t get cold”


I recently had the opportunity to meet an amazing Ethiopian woman: Bethlehem Alemu.  She is the founder of SoleRebels.  SoleRebels is a company which makes shoes from recycled rubber from tires.  Her whole concept is “making something from nothing”.  She created the company because she saw a problem in her community.  She asked herself Why … More SoleRebels


Best friend, confidant, road dog, home girl…what ever you call her, you have to have at least one.  Ethiopian American girls need to have a core group of girlfriends. (obviously my opinion, but I think most people can understand why). The core group does not have to big . just one is enough. We all … More Friends